1. Start ESET to open the main program window.
  2. Then click Setup.
  3. Choose the Network protection option.
  4. Click the Firewall slider bar.
  5. Click Apply and select Pause until reboot. This will pause the ESET firewall until you restart your computer.

Visit WebcamTest.me to ensure your webcam is accessible or not by trying this method.

This company has been around for about two decades now protecting PCs. The program keeps all threats at bay while offering great protection against malicious websites.

ESET Internet Security protects you from malware with a variety of tools and features.

  1. Internet Security from ESET​​

The antivirus is blocking my camera. How can I fix this issue?

ESET Antivirus is equipped with all the security tools that you will need to protect your data and privacy, including: 

  • Support for anti-theft
  • Protecting your webcam
  • Intuitive setup and user interface
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Encryption at the banking level
  • System requirements are minimal
  • Anti-malware protection with advanced features

Fast, efficient, and cost-effective are all important qualities in an antivirus program, and this one is one of them.

ESET antivirus is free today!

Are you trying to use your computer’s webcam (or an external camera device), but the app is not launching?

Most of the time, when the webcam isn’t working you need to update/reinstall its drivers, update the Windows 10 operating system (if a system update is waiting for your approval, some built-in features may not work correctly).

You can also uninstall a dedicated Windows update if the camera won't work after a new Windows 10 patch is applied. The general solutions presented here should take care of most software problems related to a webcam, or in conjunction with an external camera app.

However, if the camera is still inaccessible, the solution to your problem might be within the Windows 10 security solution software.

Yes, antivirus software may block the webcam. The first step is to temporarily disable the antivirus software. Then, try using the camera.

If everything runs smoothly, it means that your antivirus program was blocking the camera app, so you will need to add a new exclusion in the antivirus program (either for the webcam itself or for the apps that try to access your webcam). For ex : Microsoft Team

Here are the steps to complete these processes for the most popular antivirus applications for the Windows 10 system.

ESET Antivirus 

Antivirus Blocking Camera

  • The antivirus might be blocking the camera, but some solutions can make your day go smooth.
  • Troubleshooting can be time-consuming, but your antivirus might have something to do with the issue.
  • If your camera software isn’t working​​ right, you can re-insert your antivirus or make exceptions for its scanning process.
  • Here is a guide on how to unblock your camera from your antivirus software.
2. Avast Free Antivirus
  1. Open Avast's program.
  2. Go to Basic Settings and click on Troubleshooting on the left panel of the main window.
  3. You can access the Troubleshooting menu by visiting the Troubleshooting section and selecting the Ignored addresses field.
  4. Enter the IP address of your camera here.
  5. Make sure your changes are saved.
  6. Follow the steps available under Global Exclusions to add an exception for your webcam.

The most common results from the antivirus program show that it protects your computer from malware attacks or other malicious and infected files.

In some cases, it is necessary to manually mention the IP address of your camera in the ignored addresses field to be sure that you will be able to use it.

3. The BullGuard Premium Protection

  1. Open the AV interface and select the Settings tab.
  2. Access Windows 10's Real-time Antivirus by using the Program menu and then the File section (where you can choose the files to skip from scanning).
  3. The scan process can be skipped by entering the paths that correspond to the files/apps you wish to skip on the Settings screen.
  4. Click on Add, and you're done.

BullGuard antivirus lets you define the scanning rules and the exceptions before it starts scanning. These issues apply to your webcam or to the applications which make use of your camera.

4. Internet Security from Bitdefender​
  1. Open the Bitdefender main interface.
  2. In the main window, choose the Privacy icon – located on the left side.
  3. Select View Features from the menu.
  4. The Webcam Protection switch should be accessible from there.
  • The Settings menu located on the main Webcam Protection panel, and located under the main Webcam Protection panel, is available for further customizations towards the webcam.

5. Make sure that you also add exceptions in Bitdefender:

from the Bitdefender home screen, click the Protection tab, navigate towards View modules, and then click the Settings icon; then follow the onscreen prompts to add a new exception for your camera app.

6. Follow these steps to use an external camera connected through your network: From the View Modules link click on Firewall and then select Adapters; then, click on Network exceptions and add the IP address of the camera you want to add to the exceptions list.

In Bitdefender, you will find a built-in feature designed to protect your camera app. Additionally, you can configure this feature so that it can be used for certain apps and not by others.

5. Internet Security Kaspersky
  1. Open Kaspersky's user interface.
  2. In Settings, click on the Additional section.
  3. Choose Threats and exclusions from the right frame.
  4. After that, click on the Configure exclusion rules link.
  5. Now proceed with the exclusion process by following on-screen prompts.

Kaspersky blocks certain apps and software from accessing your camera, similar to Bitdefender.

It is a good thing to take this precaution as it helps protect your identity; however, in some situations, it might need to be added for a specific tool or even the webcam app itself.

6. The Windows Defender
  1. Open the Windows Defender program.
  2. Choose Virus & threat protection.
  3. Add or remove exclusions in the Virus & Threat Protection settings.
  4. Save your changes and complete the required forms.

According to users, sometimes malware can add an entire drive to the exclusions list to prevent Windows from finding it. However, you can fix the problem simply by checking your exclusions list.

Using these guidelines will allow you to exclude webcams and camera apps. Of course, the same steps can be applied to other antivirus programs too.

Whenever your camera/webcam fails to work or cannot be accessed, the first step you should take is to reinstall the drivers.


1) Is Windows Defender blocking my camera?

Yes, Windows Defender has been blocking webcam instances. You need to read our article dedicated to fixing camera problems caused by antivirus if your antivirus is blocking the computer camera.

2) What is blocking the webcam?

Although antivirus and security software like firewalls can interfere with other apps, the most common cause of a blocked webcam is its driver. Here is a quick guide to help you fix webcam issues.

3) How does my camera be unblocked?

The instructions in this guide will help you to check whether the webcam's driver is recognized by your computer and to update it accordingly. In addition, make sure you do not have antivirus software that prevents the camera from working.

Conclusion :

My article on how to fix antivirus software mentioned that the application uses tools to help identify and prevent infections, which close the door when an attack occurs. It follows a multidimensional approach because viruses can adapt and evolve rapidly, so your risk never decreases as you age, but only increases rapidly.

However, antivirus software is not always complete. Many malicious programs create a mask that can cause delay to the point where you can avoid protecting yourself. You often find that mediocre software providers have a slower response time than the virus they are managing.

The best method of prevention is prevention – using only the best antivirus software. Otherwise, you may not discover it until it is too late.